“An utterly charming, hysterically funny & deeply moving true account of one young woman’s amazing adventure: Doing something we all would love to do at one time or another – being someone else for a year! Something we would never have the nerve to pull off & she did it, girls!!! You’ll love, love, love this book!!!”

– HENRY JAGLOM, Writer/Director

“A philosophical and psychological romp. A Peter Pan story that made me wish I could leave my life behind and take up residence at the Purple Parakeet.”


“A whimsical exploration on identity, disguise, cultural clichés, hostel society, and the humor that can arise from misperception. An unforgettable book; an inevitable film.”


“This book is a meticulously crafted zany adventure, a backpacker’s wonderland that I couldn’t put down. Made me nostalgic for my travelling days. Will do the same for you, even if you’ve never had any.”

-GILLIAN  REED, Puppeteer 

“A belting good book.” –  DAVE ANDREWS, Backpacker