The Story

The old adage has it: “Wherever you go, there you are.” In the case of The Counterfeit Brit, however, the motto doesn’t apply. In this book the heroine really does become someone else.

The Counterfeit Brit is a story about Rebecca Lamb, a conscientious, but penniless, thirty-year-old American who, against her best judgment, goes “under cover.”

It’s not that she’s in the witness protection program. Rather, it’s just that   circumstances have caused her to turn herself into somebody else.

No big deal, you say. But her mere linguistic shift sets the stage for a host of adventures, misadventures, and surprising twists. In the end it leads to self-discovery and insight into semantics, perception and the folly of faking it.

It is a late bloomer’s coming-of-age story based on the author’s own experience at a San Francisco youth hostel.